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Celebrity Treatment?
Are You Ready to Get the
attention you 
I want to PERSONALLY help you feel great about yourself by giving you the tools, tips, and products you need to feel and look your absolute best.  My style experience and custom product selection will help you feel and look amazing on your journey to becoming a WOMAN WARRIOR.
There Are Only 50 People Accepted At Each Opening - Most Members Renew Month After Month Leaving Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...
Because We Want To Be The Best!
A Word From The Creator Brittany Humble

We live in a time where our daily lives leave us feeling like we need 30 hours instead of the 24 that make up our day. Let's be honest, while its rewarding being a successful woman at home or in the workforce, it can be very time consuming. Let me save you some of that precious time and help keep you looking your best as you take on each day. I want to say welcome to the project woman group. I'll send you everything you need to look and feel your best, right to your front door. 

Stop worrying about if you are fashionable and start trusting a expert to get you looking amazing. You will be turning heads with your brand new style and exploding confidence. 

Normally I charge $299 to purchase and style 1 outfit for my clients, https://www.behumblefashion.com/pages/styling
 so you can see how getting this for $59.99 is going to change everything for your style game.

I am offering a huge discount for a short time to give the opportunity for everyone to be able to become a part of Woman Warrior.

Don't miss your chance, it won't last forever. The time is now to start your journey, and what better time than with this huge discount!

Today is a new day, let me help you be unstoppable.
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How It Works
Become a member for $299 $59.99.
Start enjoying the luxury of having your 
very own personal stylist. 
You will receive Life & Style products to help 
you become the Woman Warrior 
we know you can be!
You can choose to add some
additional items to your box to bump-up 
your style. Your personal stylist will curate
 the items and coordinate them together 
to make sure you look your absolute best
Get Your Box 
Enjoy looking good and feeling  great. 
A new experience in every box. 
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Enjoy beauty, style, and fitness videos 
from Brittany. Get together with your fellow 
Woman Warrior and celebrate your victories 
and let us encourage you through your defeats.
 Always have a friend to have your back and 
give you advice on any life questions you have.

We are in this together. Life can be hard but 
with other warriors at your side we can face 
whatever battle life throws at us.
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The Woman Warrior Box
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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I started out by being a customer at B.E. Humble. I love the fact that every time Brittany styled me, I was sure to get a compliment. My life has become a lot more hectic recently. My husband now travels quite frequently for his job and I just don't have the time to shop like I used to. Woman Warrior boxes are exactly what I needed in my life. Each month a box shows up right at my front door. It is so exciting to see what was hand-picked for me.
Kera Neal
I am a wife, a full-time hairstylist, and a mom of 6. I used to love shopping and being able to pick out my own pieces, but my, oh my, how things have changed. If you are like me, I stay extremely busy. From running my kids all around, to trying to keep my house in order. I have no time to think about myself. As a professional hair stylist the way I look is very important in my profession. It has been very difficult for me to find time to shop and be able to grab things I need to perform my very best. This is why I am not only thankful for the Woman Warrior Subscription boxes, but also the community it comes with.
Megan Dennison
great outfits, AMAZING products, and a community of women who are ready to support you.
Meet The Stylist,
Your Style BFF's
  • Comprised Of Women With Your Specific Age In Mind
  • Over 50 Years Of Style Experience 
  • Curated Especially For You With Size In Mind
  • NYC Fashion Weeks Best Dressed, 2017
  • Ohio Fashion Market Specialists
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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